Gardiner Nazarene

WELCOME! Our motto is “just be you”, and we mean it. Everyone is welcome at GCN regardless of age, gender, race, social, economic or political background. Jesus loves all people dearly and we welcome all people openly as well.  

Which church to go to is an important decision, it should be as important as what career we choose or where we live. Our style of worship, friendliness, and a relaxed atmosphere is by design and we hope you will feel right at home. Gardiner Nazarene strives to be a missional community, that is, a group of people who are continually growing deeper in relationship with God and with one another and who then seek to share the joy of that relationship with others.

Therefore, we value deeply the word of God, authenticity in relationships, worship, unity, generosity and simplicity. We also believe that every person that participates is uniquely gifted by God, and that all people have a valid and vital contribution to make to the Kingdom of God.

We hope you join us for worship, and if we can assist you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us here at Gardiner Nazarene.

Our Sunday Morning Worship starts at 9:30 AM followed by Sunday School for all ages at 11:00 AM.

Coming Up:

April 8th -- ENC choir

April 15th -- Church Elections

April 29th -- Annual Meeting

May 18-19th -- District Assembly at South Portland Church of the Nazarene